Séura TVs and Lighted Mirrors

See yourself in a whole new light

Bring bright, natural light to the bathroom vanity with Séura LED Lighted Mirrors. Superior quality, unparalleled brightness and a suite of customization options make Séura Lighted Mirrors the perfect match for any design.

Séura lighted mirrors create the best environment for makeup application, shaving or that last check before you go out into the world.

With Séura Lighted Mirrors, light is evenly washed across the entire face, allowing you to apply makeup with precision without working around shadows. Replace or complement traditional above mirror lighting fixtures or sconces with a more modern wall mounted lighted mirror solution. 

Other Séura Products

Vanity TV Mirrors

Seamlessly incorporate video into bathrooms, dressing rooms and spas without ever having to see the TV.

Impressive Vanishing Technology with 4K Picture Quality

Vanishing glass is designed to provide excellent mirror reflectivity while making it possible for a television to completely disappear when turned off

Séura Mirror Upgrades

Touch Control Dimming

Curate the desired atmosphere in your home with one touch. Séura’s most advanced mirrors feature a capacitive touch button to conveniently change the intensity level anywhere from dreamy low-light to reviving brightness.


Tap the mirror to power the lights on and off, or gently touch and hold to dim brightness levels


Select your desired brightness and your setting will be resumed next time you turn the mirror lights on


The dance of form and function results in a minimalist, integrated design with convenient touch capability

Dimmable LEDs

Meet the sophisticated lighting that balances the room with your mood. Séura’s lighted mirrors adjust to every changing moment of your day with dimming control.

Touch Control Color Temperature

Whether you’re energizing your morning routine with cool, clean white, or winding down for a good night’s sleep with a warm and inviting glow, tune your light color with the in-mirror touch sensor. This adjustment serves as beauty lighting so you blend and perfect your makeup shade to match your next location—use warmer light to prep you for intimate evenings, natural white for indoor events, and cool white for outdoor daylight activities.

Refine your white light color temperature

Accentuate your lifestyle, your look, and your wellbeing with color temperature settings. Create a relaxing atmosphere with warm white, or turn up the vibrancy for hair or makeup in cooler light.

Mirror Defogger

Expect a clear view every time, with a mirror that remains clean and spotless after steamy showers. Séura’s defogger warms the mirror’s surface so there’s no need to wipe away drips and streaks or wait for the condensation to clear.

Night Light

Just a warm glow of sleep-inducing low light is all you need, so you can drift back to dreamland easily. This small night light is hidden below the bottom edge of the mirror so it casts light downward and matches your sleek, functional style.

Touch Control Clock and Dimming

An in-mirror clock illuminates with crisp digital precision, frees up your counter space, and helps your morning stay on track. Use the in-mirror controls to set the clock, power the mirror lights on and off, and dim brightness levels.

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