Q&A with a Home Automation Consultant

What questions would you ask if you sat down with a home automation consultant?

Last week, Carlton Fiorentino was interviewed by Adam Kayce of the Home Design and Remodeling Show. It was a question and answer session with a home automation consultant.

In a short 24 minute segment we covered the topics that most people would ask if they had an opportunity to speak to a home automation consultant:

  • What is home automation?
  • Finding the right home automation system
  • Choosing the right audiovisual integrator
  • Tech maintenance
  • Smart home “Smart Living” benefits
  • Setup recommendations
  • Where to invest first
  • Is home automation for everyone?
  • The next 5 years in home automation

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If you a considering an automation system for your home we recommend that you read about how to avoid costly home automation project mistakes.

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