Martin Logan Masterpiece Series

The absolute biggest, boldest, most outrageous performance possible, the Masterpiece Series is the pinnacle of today’s electrostatic loudspeaker design. From Home Theater to extreme 2-channel listening, this is the art of Truth in Sound.

The Masterpiece Series produces perfectly-etched imaging and focus; optimum natural reproduction of sound at lifelike listening levels; and agile, full-range operation in open air.

These are a special breed of speaker, capable of extraordinary, compellingly realistic reproduction. In certain crucial respects, good electrostatic loudspeakers are just better than anything else available.

You can hear MartinLogan electrostats, properly set up in a good environment, at the ioty office. The difference will be immediately apparent – no explanation required.

If this is something you have been considering, we would advise you to purchase them before July 28, 2020 while they are 20% off of MSRP.

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