Circadian Rhythm: What Is Your Best Kelvin?

Tunable White Lighting

Lighting controls have improved energy efficiency. Dynamic white lighting control is a new concept. It’s also known as tunable white lighting since it has the ability to modify LED light to better sync with our biological clocks. Precision in this kind of luminaire is poised to be the next frontier in illumination technology.

So what is kelvin? The kelvin scale describes the color of light as it relates to temperature. Lower kelvins will give off a cooler, bluer hue and higher kelvins will emit warmer, yellower colors. Why does this matter? A home’s lighting can have a huge effect on mood and energy levels. This is why we recommend monitoring your lighting throughout the day to find out what kelvin you like best!

What is Daylight Mode?

It’s only natural to expect more from your smart lighting system. For a good sleep and wake cycle, Daylight Mode employs sophisticated logic to alter intensity and color temperature.

Dynamic, circadian lighting that are in sync with our natural biorhythms has been linked to enhanced well-being, health, and nourishment. The potential for personalize control of natural lighting, that is well ahead of the curve, is unlocked by Daylight Mode.

Set Your Location

You may personalize your circadian experience according to your home’s precise geo-coordinates using Savant, which aligns the inside of your house with the outside. You also choose which rooms Daylight Mode is enabled in.

Savant offers a neutral Circadian timetable that you may customize to your own needs. Create Savant Scenes to have lights turn on in the right color temperature and strength at any time of day to match your circadian curve.

Personalize Your Lighting

In this blog post, we’ve explored how kelvin can affect mood and energy levels in a home. We also looked at the different kelvins that are available to you as well as some of our favorite kelvin settings for specific rooms.

Let us know if you have any questions about your own personalized lighting needs!

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