Introducing the ioty Cloud

Leave your spotty and unsecure network behind. Say hello to the ioty Cloud; a 24/7 cloud-based managed network system.

Unlike the networking equipment available from your internet service provider and retailers, enterprise-level systems from ioty are designed, engineered, and manufactured by networking experts to deliver better speed, reliability, coverage, and consistency.

One network solution does not fit all.

There are many factors that determine the best network configuration for your home and lifestyle. Together, we can ensure that the system we design provides the best experience possible and that the network you install today will grow with your smart home needs of tomorrow.

Aside from keeping you connected,
there are other benefits.

1. The ioty cloud keeps you safe.

Connected devices are convenient and useful, but they also have a dark side. If you’re not careful, connected devices can open portals to a wealth of valuable information—social security numbers, financial assets, and more. They put you at great risk of cybercrime and damaging viruses. A custom-designed networking system from ioty provides a strong firewall to protect your vital data from falling into the wrong hands.

2. The ioty cloud scales with you.
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Rooms are remodeled, square footage is added, passwords are changed, and new Wi-Fi devices are introduced. With each modification, your home network should be able to easily adapt. Systems from ioty are nimble and can be easily expanded through firmware upgrades, the addition of hardware to your current system, and service options such as proactive network monitoring and network security.

3. The ioty Cloud is forward thinking.

Our team keeps a pulse of the home technology industry and uses this knowledge to continually refine its networking solutions so that you have access to the most technologically advanced features on the market. No matter how your modern home and networking requirements evolve, ioty will be prepared to grow with your needs.

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