Coastal Source Line ArSpeaker Review:

The arrival of Coastal Source Line Source Speakers raises the bar for outdoor audio.

Bring a symphony outside with the new standard for outdoor audio. Capable of unparalleled performance with a superior experience over massive listening areas.

Coastal Source wanted to use a new technology to enhance the outdoor music reproduction. As a result, they chose line array technology which is typically used for very long distances but they wanted it all so they created a variable waveguide.

Coastal Source Line Source speakers cover a very large sound listening area in a very uniform manner so it sounds good at any volume and anywhere you are. Coastal Source designed the line sources for those that want the highest quality music reproduction in any environment.

The top of the speaker uses a very wide waveguide for near field listening. The mid section is medium in size and that’s for midfield listening. The bottom is a very narrow wave guide for far field listening.

Line array speakers have distinct advantages over point source speakers (which is pretty much every traditional speaker). A line array covers a very wide listening area with uniform sound whereas a point source can be very loud if you’re up close to it but far diminished if you’re further away.

For those that not only want the highest fidelity music reproduction but also high volume levels Coastal Source developed the sub-zero base steering system. It allows you to listen to music in your area at very high levels with less influence on your neighbors.

The integrated high power bandpass subwoofer fills out the full frequency range. Its incredible efficiency is matched with 1,000W power handling to make this speaker a true outdoor marvel.

Design – The patent pending 12.0 Line Source Bollards are specifically designed to bring the best performance available in an outdoor speaker, using line-array technology to ensure every part of the
listening area experiences their excellence.

Flexibility – The consistency of fidelity and response over large areas make the 12.0 Line Source Bollards astoundingly flexible in placement for listening areas. Materials – Built from the same rotomold composite as the rest of the Bollard series, 12.0 Line Source Bollards can withstand just about anything nature throws at them.

Performance – The planar ribbon tweeter array is capable of extreme delicacy and finesse in sound while remaining rugged enough to stay outdoors all year round. Midrange line arrayed woofers bring a full, warm bodied sound. Additionally, an internal rearfiring subwoofer fills out the bottom end with chestpounding bass.

System – Just like all Coastal Source products, these fixtures are built as part of a system. We build every component to work together harmoniously, from the amplifier to the very last speaker. The Line Source utilizes our Uni-Connect 8C cabling for the highest levels of performance and simplicity

The pinnacle of Coastal Source technology, the Line Source Bollard Speaker brings best-in-class durability and performance that defies the elements.

Features & Benefits
• Line array design generates high SPL & fidelity over very long distances
• Variable waveguide technology enhances performance for near-field, mid-field, & far-field listening areas
• Ribbon tweeters provide a detailed, articulate response
• Integrated high-power bandpass subwoofer fills out full frequency range
• 1000W power handling & incredible efficiency make this speaker a true outdoor marvel

12.0 Line Source Bollard Specifications

Size: 54.375 in. (H) x 12.375 in. (Ø)
Weight: 88 lbs
Construction: Rotomolded Composite
Finish: Brown
Tweeter: (12) Radian Pro 3” Planar Ribbons
Mid-Bass Woofer: (6) Radian Pro 4” Cones
Subwoofer: Radian Pro 10” Laminate Cone
Power Handling (Complete Speaker): 1,000W Max Power
Power Handling (Low Freq.): 400W Max Power
Power Handling (Mid/High Freq.): 600W Max Power
Minimum Amplifier Power (Low Freq.): 200W
Minimum Amplifier Power (Mid/High Freq.): 100W
Frequency Response: 35Hz – 20kHz
Efficiency: 94dB 1w/M
Dispersion: 120° @ -6dB
Coverage Area: 100’ (120° Cone)
Impedance: 8 ohms
Mounting: Freestanding, Partial Burial
Wiring: Uni-Connect Connector
Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty*

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