Circadian Rhythm: What Is Your Best Kelvin? 

Tunable White Lighting Lighting controls have improved energy efficiency. Dynamic white lighting control is a new concept. It’s also known as tunable white lighting since it has the ability to modify LED light to better sync with our biological clocks. Precision in this kind of luminaire is poised to be the next frontier in illumination… Read More »Circadian Rhythm: What Is Your Best Kelvin?

Watch Movies in True 4K Ultra HD with HDR 

This is the golden age of home cinema, and there has never been a better time to experience sound and vision that is superior to most commercial theaters. “Kaleidescape is an essential part of my life and has been since 2007. It’s allowed me to curate a great library of films over the years, to… Read More »Watch Movies in True 4K Ultra HD with HDR

How Do You Hide a 100″ TV? 

Integrating a display of this scale into a project is a challenging prospect for any interior designer. This is why we’re excited to showcase a variety of options to mount and fully conceal this display from view. Our solutions give clients access to the latest technology without the permanence of a traditionally mounted display interrupting… Read More »How Do You Hide a 100″ TV?

Séura TVs and Lighted Mirrors 

See yourself in a whole new light Séura lighted mirrors create the best environment for makeup application, shaving or that last check before you go out into the world. With Séura Lighted Mirrors, light is evenly washed across the entire face, allowing you to apply makeup with precision without working around shadows. Replace or complement… Read More »Séura TVs and Lighted Mirrors

Lutron HomeWorks Ivalo Collection: Finiré 

For over three decades, HomeWorks has been redefining expectations around the seamless control of light in a home. Bringing together a legacy of best in class dimming technology, window coverings and now, fixtures, the next generation of HomeWorks raises the bar on creating beautiful light throughout the home. The Finiré 3” Difference High-performance static white… Read More »Lutron HomeWorks Ivalo Collection: Finiré

Samsung Terrace: Bright and brilliant QLED 4K outdoor TV 

Experience vivid picture quality in your favorite outdoor spaces with QLED 4K and 2,000+ nit brightness levels. A TV made to live outdoors Weather-resistant Durability IP55 Rated Rain or shine, enjoy year-round outdoor entertainment with an IP55 rating that assures protection from water and dust. More ways to enjoy TV Smart TV built-in Navigate The… Read More »Samsung Terrace: Bright and brilliant QLED 4K outdoor TV

Coastal Source Line ArSpeaker Review: 

The arrival of Coastal Source Line Source Speakers raises the bar for outdoor audio. Bring a symphony outside with the new standard for outdoor audio. Capable of unparalleled performance with a superior experience over massive listening areas. Coastal Source wanted to use a new technology to enhance the outdoor music reproduction. As a result, they… Read More »Coastal Source Line ArSpeaker Review:

Lutron Alisse: Wall Control Cutting-edge Technology and Timeless Design 

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with a single touch— spark the senses and curate magical experiences using light as your canvas. The Alisse wall control integrates cutting-edge technology and timeless design that is intuitive and completely personalized to your needs. Hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Alisse wall control delivers a truly unique… Read More »Lutron Alisse: Wall Control Cutting-edge Technology and Timeless Design

Cognitive Processor XR by Sony: What Does It Do? 

The world’s first TV with cognitive intelligence. What is all the fuss about Sony’s Cognitive XR Processor? Cognitive Processor XR, powered by cognitive intelligence, divides the screen into numerous zones and detects where the “focal point” is in the picture. While conventional Artificial Intelligence (AI) can only detect and analyze picture elements like color, contrast… Read More »Cognitive Processor XR by Sony: What Does It Do?

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